Roses for Gifts

Whether you are looking for a place to buy your next roses online, a special gift for a rose lover you will find a great variety of gifts based around the rose theme.

For many of us the first gift we think of for our loved ones are flowers or roses. Gifts of roses are great for people of all ages and are seen as special gifts for the loved one in your life. Throughout this website you will find all sorts of gifts that have been selected for the rose lover.


My Valentines Day Message to You

Email or share with your Valentine on the 14th February

This Valentines Day animation has all the right things you need to say to your Valentine on Valentines Day. Send or share it with the one you love on Valentines Day! ( or any day of the year)

R is for Rose……

( From the A to Z of Flowers and Roses – what their names mean…
to find out the meaning of flowers and roses for the rest of the alphabet >>>)

Rose, Bridal: Happy Love
Rose, Carolina: Love Is Dangerous
Rose, Christmas: Peace and Tranquility
Rose, Coral/Orange: Enthusiasm, Desire
Rose, Dark Pink: Thank you
Rose, Light Pink: Admiration
Rose, Musk: Capricious Beauty
Rose, Pale: Friendship
Rose, Peach: Let’s get together, Closing of the deal
Rose, Pink: Love, Grace, Gentility, You’re so Lovely, Perfect Happiness
Rose, Pink & White: I love you still and always will
Rose, Red: Love, Desire, Respect, Courage, Job well done
Rose, Red & Yellow: Congratulations
Rose, White: Charm, Secrecy, Silence, You’re Heavenly, Reverence, Humility, Youthfulness and Innocence
Rose, White on Red: Unity/Flower Emblem of England
Rose, Yellow: Infidelity, Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Jealousy, Welcome Back, Remember me
Rose, Yellow & Orange: Passionate thoughts
Rosemary: Constancy, Fidelity and Loyalty

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