Books on Rose Gardening


Books on Rose Gardening


American Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses

ARS Encyclopedia of Roses is a complete guide to the care and cultivation of more than 2,000 roses. Cataloged in an easy-to-follow A-Z format and beautifully illustrated, this comprehensive reference is a must for every rose gardener.

Modern Roses XI: The World Encyclopedia of Roses

There are descriptions for more than 25,000 roses for serious rose growers, plant science researchers; those involved with academic and industrial settings, horticultural nurseries and botanical gardens.

Roses for Dummies

Roses for Dummies does away with the myth that roses have to be high maintenance, instead showing how to choose a type that will blossom in your care. Inside you will find useful information on: Shopping for roses,
Watering and mulching,
Protecting roses from weather and pests,
Landscaping with roses,
What makes a rose fragrant,
Roses and their partners in the garden,
Growing roses in containers,
Drying roses and making potpourri,
Rose societies and other places to see roses and
roses to avoid if you’re not an expert

Botanica’s Roses: The Encyclopedia of Roses

600 pages of terrific photos and accurate descriptions. Aside from the thousands of cultivars listed, there’s also an excellent section on wild roses. A very useful reference table summarizes the main features of each rose.

The Rose: An Illustrated History

This is a beautiful book with breathtaking images from the archives of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Jackson & Perkins Rose Companions:

Growing Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, Shrubs and Vines with Roses (Jackson & Perkins)

This book will help you integrate roses into your garden with other plants – Perennials,
Shrubs and

Four Top Tips for Summer Rose Care

Water deeply

In warm weather it is important to thoroughly water the soil, not the bushes, at least twice each week. Use a watering can if you only have a small numer of bushes to conserve water. If your soil is hard and the moisture is not getting through, apply a soil wetter at least once a year.Pamper regularly

Once each month apply a seaweed tonic solution such as Eco-cweed or Seasol by watering over the foliage. This will help to keep the bushes healthy and to resist diseases such as blackspot.

Top up mulch

To suppress weeds, add nutrients and retain valuable soil moisture, make sure you top up the existing mulch. Lucerne hay is commonly recommended by rose experts as being the best mulch for roses.

Plan ahead

In the second last month of summer (eg end of January, early February in Australia) prune back your roses by 30% and apply a rose fertiliser. This will help to set up your roses for their autumn flowering.

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