Roses for Gifts – Perfumes

Five Top Perfumed Summer Flowering Roses

Blue Moon
Blue Moon has a sweet fragrant and long stems. These mauve coloured roses make excellent cut flowers.

Apricot Nectar
Apricot Nectar has a fruity fragrance. They have large cupped blooms in apricot shades and open slowly. They also make good cut flowers.

Double Delight
Double Delight has a spicy scent and has a unique creamy white to strawberry bloom.

Sunsprite bears masses of super-fragrant yellow blooms. It is also known as Friesia.

Climbing Mister Lincoln
The Climbing Mister Lincoln is an extraordinary rose that has richly fragrant deep-red blooms. It flowers strongly throughout the summer and the large blooms enjoy the backdrop of very dark green foliage.

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