Rose Gardening Tools

There are a range of tools which make rose gardening a lot easier and more enjoyable. Having the right tools in any job is important however the care that roses need make the selection of rose gardening tools even more important. Provided below is a selection of rose gardening tools to assist you to create the best rose garden in your neighbourhood.

A majority of roses have thorns and unless you like the feeling of a thorn piercing your skin, you should protect your hands with a pair of thick leather work gloves. Serious rose gardeners will use gauntlet gloves, where the sleeve of the glove protects the lower arm as you reach in to prune your roses.

Mens Heavy Duty Garden Gauntlet Glove
Womens Heavy Duty Garden Gauntlet Glove


Rose Pruners
A reliable rose pruner is a tool you will use over and over again. There are two types of rose pruners on the market. The first pruner is called an “anvil pruner”. The definition of an anvil pruner is a “tool with straight blade that presses onto a flat surface; not recommended for tree pruning”. An anvil pruner has blades that meet on top of each other. Anvil pruners are known to crush the canes and stems which is not healthy for your rose bush.

The second pruner is called a “bypass” pruner. A bypass pruner has blades that pass each other similar to scissors. The true definition of a bypass pruner is a “tool with curved lower and cutting blades that slide past each other to operate”. It is important to always use bypass pruners to prune roses so that you do not crush the canes and stems.

Long Reach Rose Pruners


Once your rose garden is well established, there will come times when your rose pruner will not be able to cut through some of the stems. It is now time to buy a lopper. A lopper is used to cut back old, thick canes that are too large or too hard for a set of pruning shears. If you are just starting out with your rose garden, you will not need a lopper for a few years.

Light-weight Shovel

To initially plant roses, you will need a long-handled shovel that is lightweight and has a strong handle. The most popular shovels for rose gardeners have fibreglass throats. It is also worth spending a little more money and getting one with a padded handle. This will save you lots of blisters as the years go by.

Sturdy Wheelbarrow
While it is tempting to buy one of the cute little garden carts, the serious rose gardener will need a good-sized sturdy wheelbarrow. As rose bushes and other plants grow bigger you will need a large wheelbarrow to work with. You will also be hauling in soil and compost as well and some of these may be quiet heavy. It is at these times you will be glad you purchased a solid wheelbarrow.

Kneeling Pads

There are a variety of knee pads available to the avid gardener. Some people prefer the big water-resistant knee pads with handles, where you can kneel down in one spot and use the handles to balance on if needed. Others prefer the strap-on knee pads as they find them more convenient because they stay on your knees as you move around. Just be careful with the one size fits all as they may not be the perfect fit for you.

Short Digging Fork

To turn and loosen soil in small patches around your rose bushes, you will need a short garden digging fork. It is important that you choose a good quality fork with steel prongs and a sturdy handle.

Watering Wand

A watering wand is great for watering potted roses and for giving the roots of your other roses a good soaking. Make sure that you choose a model with a quick shut-off valve on the wand itself. Also ensure that there is a quick release fitting for the end that plugs into the hose. We recommend that you spend a little more money to buy a model with brass fittings instead of plastic as it will last for many more years.

Garden & Leaf Rakes

Garden rakes have sharp steel teeth that you can use for levelling and smoothing garden beds. When you are choosing one, ensure you buy one with a sturdy handle and steel tines.

You will use the leaf rake a lot for cleaning up clippings, leaves and other garden debris. You will need to decide on a long handle or short handle leaf rake, depending on the access you have at the base of your garden bed.

Where to buy your Garden Tools

All the local hardware, garden or home stores will stock your basic rose gardening tools. If you don’t want to move from your own home, there are many great tools available over the internet and we have linked to many of them on this site.

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