Wedding Day Roses – Roses & Gifts for your special day

The most beautiful memory you have will of course be your partner but the flowers you have can also be just as important. Roses can be used for the bridesmaids bouquets, to decorate the church or wedding garden and also make a beautiful gift to celebrate future anniversaries.

Ideas For Decorating a Wedding
By Ethan Hill

A cozy wedding theme is very attractive for marriages, and the theme of autumn is always a hit. The colors of autumn are in themselves very warm and rich. If the wedding is to be held in the fall, then it will be much easier if it was concrete, because the very nature offers varied elements like leaves, tree branches and fruits that can be used in the decoration, making it cheaper.

The brown, yellow and red are the predominant colors in this topic. The most beautiful decorations can be made from simple ingredients. Ideally, people use satin fabrics such as organza, brown colors superimposed on the base for the decoration of the tables. This material always gives a luxurious and cozy feel in any environment.

Among the ideas to decorate a wedding, the tables have an important place. It is advisable to have a center of yellow roses, red roses, orange and some people use lilly flowers too. This center can be complemented with original seasonal fruits such as apples or grapes and can also be decorated using leaves, twigs of trees, mosses and berries. Everything is a matter of personal taste, creativity and imagination. You can also use candles of various sizes and natural colors to create a welcoming atmosphere. If the wedding is held in summer, the blue theme is one of the ideas to decorate a wedding most recurrent. This is so because the color itself conveys a feeling of freshness.

The different shades of blue and white are used in all the furnishings. It is advisable to use clear glass plates, to create an environment as a possible glacier.

The main elements are the windows, flowers in white and light blue satin. For the centers of the tables may be made floral made with layers of blue and white flowers, good possibility hydrangeas are abundant in summer and have white and lilac shades very harmonious. This environment should be complemented with delicate small white candles and white satin ribbons and baby blue, that can be placed on chairs, on napkins, candles or even at the table. Do not forget that when choosing a topic, you must apply it to all the wedding cake, the bouquet of the bride, groom and flower decoration of the ceremony space.

Roses and candles are one of the ideas to decorate a wedding in a more romantic way that is without doubt the combination of roses and candles. This type of issue is the choice for wedding ceremonies and parties. However, if your wedding is not like the others, choose to design tables varied candles, make a small cascade of candles, from the highest to the smallest, and complemental wrapping around tiny roses, in a base of petals of roses. The hue of pale pink roses should be to create a subtle fabric should be translucent, preferably transparent fabrics, romantic, discreet embroidered wedding to remember the past.

Winter Textures is for a wedding in winter, the best idea to decorate a wedding is a golden amber color, which should always be lit with the glow of candles in the same tone. Candles can be decorated with translucent sheets and gold filigree, and centerpieces should be formed by large bouquets of flowers with warm colors such as yellow, amber and orange.

The fabric must be heavy, amber or brown with golden textures, and not to mention the low-plate in shades of gold and cups in yellow glass. Each guest will have a small bouquet in miniature, equal to the center and to be placed on her right side (opposite the bowls). This decoration makes a delicious feast and creates both a warm and pleasant intimacy. If you like a centerpiece with flowers, you can replace the candle trio of geometric shapes, while maintaining small individual sectors.

Chocolate Fantasy, what you did not think that among the ideas to decorate a wedding could be a factor as succulent? Who does not like chocolate? Why not pay tribute to your wedding day? You can give your guest chocolates of all kinds, accompanied by champagne or white chocolate martinis. As a creative base can use a golden box of chocolates.

It is imperative that the center tables are made with flowers and a touch of creativity is always the best recipe for success. Therefore, you can choose fabrics and gold satin fabric overlay individual gold textured reddish tones. Between everyone, you can put cardboard boxes with large ties golden brown, and the loop arrangement with an exquisite white chocolate, decorated with pine-cones, berries and nuts. It is important to create a coherent, so the cake must be chocolate.

Enhance the color gray, to highlight an object, flowers or a person, the base color will always be gray. The gray is a mixture of all other colors and therefore, all the colors come out when placed on enhanced gray. If you want colorful floral centers or other objects to be colorful, or bring a focus to the bride with her dress in place of the party, the ideal is to place a gray cloth on the tables and around it. Gray, contrary to what one may think, is a very elegant color.

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